Valpes ER PLUS

Elektrische actuator

1/4 turn electric actuator, with a wide range of torques from 10 Nm to 100 Nm in different supply voltages and IP protection (IP65, IP66, IP68...). Approvals available: CE, ATEX, CSA, GOST-R. All these electric actuators are equipped with 4 limit switches and manual operation.

Sizes DN 8 to DN 150, depending on the type of valve
Voltage Multivolt electric actuators: 100-240V 50/60Hz (100-350V DC) or 15-30V 50/60Hz (12-48V DC)
temp. range -10°C to 55°C (FAILSAFE : -10 to 40°C)
Connections - F03/F05 and F04 for ER10/20/35
- F05/F07 drilling for ER35/45/60/100
Material - Housing and cover: Polyamide PA6.6 UL94VO
operation Quarter turn (90°)
Certificates CE, CSA, GOST-R


  • Also available in 0°-180° or 0°-270°
  • FAILSAFE unit (return to initial position in case of power failure)
  • feedback potentiometers
  • Many other options available: manual override by hand lever, 2 additional switches, DIN or M12 connectors