Cryogenic Application

For storage or application reasons it is important for some gases to bring it into a liquid form. Meca-Inox especially developed the cryogenic ball valves PY4 (-50°C) and the PY4CY (-200°C) for this application with temperatures down to -200°C.

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Maintenance instruction PY4-CY

Cryogenic Valve Maintenance Instructions

Check valve

Also for cryogenic use

Meca-Inox PY4CY-Cryogenic 3 way

3-way ball valve for cryogenic use (-196°C)

Meca-Inox PY4 -Cryogenic

For light cryogenic use (-50ºC)

Meca-Inox PY4CY-Fire Safe

Ball Valve PY4CY-Fire safe

Meca-Inox PY4CY-LNG Fire Block

The Meca-Inox emergency shut-off valve

PY4-CY Bronze Medical liquid oxygen

Bronze / stainless steel ball valve, for medical...

Meca-Inox PY4CY-Cryogenic

For cryogenic conditions (-196ºC)

Brochure LNG & Natural Gas Solutions

Cryogenic Ball Valve product brochure

Brochure Industrial Gas Solutions

(Cryogenic) Ball Valves brochure