Meca-Inox for the semi-conductor industry

Semi-conducter industrieMeca-Inox has developed special stainless steel ball valves with a high leak-tightness for clean dry air systems (CDA). Also for ball valves for water, hydrogen and nitrogen systems you have come to the right manufacturer. More information can be found in this article.

Semi-conductor processes
The semi-conductor industry places high demands on closing components. We are familiar with your industry and know that reliable products, fast delivery and ease of use are very important in your selection process. Especially in an industry in which the commercial life of end products is very short and a production stop can be disastrous. For this reason, Meca-Inox has stocks of stainless steel valves all across Europe and a flexible production equipment, therefore we can help you quickly to develop and build systems.

Clean dry air (CDA)
The Meca-Inox PN4 and PN4-DB ball valves are designed for CDA systems and both have a high leak-tightness with a TA-air helium leak test up to 10⁹-. Both of them can be supplied with an internal finish of Ra 0,25 ųM. The PN4 has a standard orbital welding connection and the PN4-DB has a compression fitting (Hamlet), whereby direct mounting on pipes is possible. The ball valves can be cleaned along with any metal hoses according to ISO 8573-1 class 1.3.1, grade 4. And delivered triple packed. These Mexa-Inox stainless steel ball valves are supplied as standard with a 3.1 material certificate.

Other semi-conductor systems
The Meca-Inox PS4 ball valves are in the semi-conductor applied in e.g. water, hydrogen and nitrogen systems. An important reason for applying Meca-Inox PS4 ball valve is the simple installation, but even more because of the flexible connections and reliable, fast delivery times. The Meca-Inox PS4 comes standard with a 3.1 material certificate.

Industry with Meca-Inox:

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