Meca-Inox for the pharmaceutical industry

leidingsystemen farmaceutische industrieWe supply ball valves for clean steam systems, API production, clean/pure gases and general utility systems.  In this article you can read more about all the applications and product specifications. 

Pharmaceutical processes

Clean steam
Clean steam systems requires ball valves with a "True Bore" (where the inside diameter of the ball valve completely equal is to the inside diameter of the pipes). As a result, there are no  restrictions. The ball valve, used in a piping system under a slope, is completely drainable. The Meca Inox PN4 stainless steel ball valve conforms to this. The  ball valves can be supplied with or without a cavity filler (dead space filler) consequently there is no room for accumulation of condensate which can rapidly expand (600x) at supply of new steam.

API manufacturing (active process ingridients) 
For these chemically aggressive substances is the standard equipment of 316L often inadequate and is a material with a higher corrosion resistance necessary. Meca-Inox stainless steel offers the possibility of 316L switching to 904 or even to Hastelloy C22. This makes the ball valves suitable for the strongest acids or alkalis.

Clean/pure gases
Gases, CO2, O2, N2, clean compressed air and natural gas are often used in the pharmaceutical industry. For this application you need ball valves with a high leaktightness, internally polished surface and an orbital or shortcut (Swagelock, Ham-Let) connection. The Meca Inox PN4 DB and the PN4 meet these requirements.

ATEX (for potentially explosive gases)
For use in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres Meca-Inox offers stainless steel ball valves and actuators for various ATEX zones.

Connections in the pharmaceutical industry
The pharmaceutical industry is characterized by a wide variety of connection standards. ASME BPE, DIN, ISO, SMS pipe sizes and fittings sometimes come in a variety of standards for installation. Meca Inox is familiar with all common variations. Because of the unique concept of Meca-Inox, the valve can meet a different standard for each connection. The Meca-Inox PN4 stainless steel ball valve can be supplied with an orbital weld connection with a minimum of 35 mm. This means that it can be welded between piping systems without disassembly.

Surface finish is possible on the inside and outside to various requirements. The Meca PN4 Inox stainless steel ball valves can be supplied according to the ASME BPE standards, various surface SF1 through SF6, but also a finish of Ra 0,25 ųM is possible.

Meca-Inox stainless steel ball valves can be supplied with all the specific handles which are used in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Meca-Inox stainless steel ball valves can be packed free of oil and grease. For example, for applications with pure oxygen.

The Meca-Inox PN4 stainless steel ball valves come standard with a 3.1 material certificate and a FDA approval on the seat.

General utility in the pharmaceutical industry
For general utility systems in the pharmaceutical industry the Meca-Inox PS4, as general deployable ball valve, is the perfect solution for all kind of applications. The Meca-Inox PS4 has proven to be a reliable ball valve which is fast and easy to install. It requires virtually no maintenance costs and has a very long life span. The unique 5-piece Meca-Inox ball valve can easily be re-used in a rebuilding situation. This characterizes the durability of the PS4. 

Industry with Mexa-Inox: