Meca Inox for the food industry 

voedinsgindustrieWe supply stainless steel ball valves for various applications in the food industry. The price-quality ratio and the flexible concept of Meca-Inox ball valves are very suitable for all branches in this industry. 

Food Industry
Our food security is under an ever-stricter control, similarly applied valves. The Meca-Inox ball valves meet these strict requirements and are therefore increasingly applied for processes in the food industry.

MI Food Processing IndustryProcesses and products in the food industry 
Vegetable oils
Vegetable oils, for domestic or for biofuel, are difficult products for valves. The ball valves must be resistant to high temperatures, aggressive media and toxins. Although these oils are vegetable, leakage in any shape or form is undesirable. The Meca-Inox stainless steel ball valves, PP4, PZ4 and PS4 have proven to meet these requirements. The Meca-Inox PS4 can be used up to temperatures of 190°c and the Meca-Inox PP4 and PZ4 up to temperatures of 280°c.

Smell and taste substances
In the production of aroma and flavor, it is important that the aroma actually has the correct aroma and taste reserves the right taste. Reliability, clean ability, non-toxic are important requirements. The Meca-Inox PS4 has proved to be a highly reliable ball valve at many companies with this kind of products. 

Dairy and beverage industry
Whether we are talking about a milk factory or about the water supplement which Coca Cola uses, quality and control is to a very high level. The consequences of delivering a tainted carton of milk or a bottle of Coca Cola can cause huge image damage for companies in this industry. An European manufacturer of ball valves, where quality audits easily can take place, has a big advantage and underlines the confidence in our products.

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Industry with Meca-Inox: 

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