Meca-Inox for industrial gases

Industriele gassenWe have ball valves with a high leak-tightness, for example, pure gases. Interested in learning more about our ball valves for cryogenic applications in your industry, please contact us. We are pleased to advise you!

Processes at industrial gas producers

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In the production of industrial gases a high leak-tightness is crucial. Where gases with a purity of some PPMs are produced, it is important that nothing leaks or comes into the valve. The Meca-Inox ball valves have a high leak-tightness, with a TA-Luft/Air helium leak test up to 10-⁹. This is one of the reasons that producers of industrial gases prefer the ball valves of Meca-Inox. 

For storage or application reasons it is important for some gases to bring it into a liquid form. Meca-Inox especially developed the cryogenic ball valves PY4 (-50°C) and the PY4CY (-200°C) for this application with temperatures down to -200°C.

There is also a Fire Safe version, that meets the requirements of EN ISO 10497.

Industry with Meca-Inox:

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